Tan Tien Complete Flex 2 Demo

Loaded Tan Tien Complete Flex 2 Demo WAS: $324.99
NOW: $229.99



The Loaded Tan Tien. You know it, you love it, and in many ways it has inspired and shaped the way you've been longboarding for years. Do you freeride? Downhill? Freestyle? Well, this board has been paving the way for skaters of all styles and speed. The Loaded Tan Tien is a fully symmetrical freestyle drop through longboard with all of the flash and flare it deserves. Designed to be the little brother to the Loaded Dervish Sama, this board is the perfect gateway for anyone looking to get into the world of freestyle longboarding.

The Tan Tien is fully symmetrical, giving you the freedom to ride it forward, backwards, goofy, regular, and all combinations in-between. The board features a cambered construction that flexes into a rockered platform once you're standing on it. This gives you a lot of energy return for both pumping and carving. This really shines through when paired with the reliable concave for a more secured ride. The Loaded Tan Tien features both 50 grit and 30 grit griptape that's expertly placed, for locking you in when digging hard into your carves, or exploring the world of sliding. But it doesn't stop there. Looking to explore the city? The Loaded Tan Tien features kicktails that help you maneuver anything that might show up in the concrete jungle. To round out the whole package, the Loaded Tan Tien is drop through giving it a lowered ride height and lowered center of gravity for both the confidence of stability, and to ease the strain on your knees. With wheel cutouts, you're able to run larger wheels, or looser trucks, giving you the ability to fully customize your ride.

To give it the Loaded touch, the Tan Tien comes in 3 different flexes. The flex 1 is the stiffest of the 3. This board will take more of a beating for flip tricks while giving you a more stable ride. This is for the rider ranging in the 170-270+ pounds weight range. That makes the flex 3 the flexiest of them all. This is for a very nimble, responsive, and maneuverable ride. This gives you the most bounce per ounce, giving you tons of energy return for pumping, carving, and all around city riding. The suggested weight range for this board is 80-170+ pounds. That leaves the Goldilocks middle ground, flex 2. Not too stiff, not too flexy. It is juuuuust right. This flex is the most popular out of all of the Loaded Tan Tien flexes. The suggested weight range for this board is 130-210+ pounds. Keep in mind, these are only suggested weight ranges. So have fun, give it a ride, and you’ll find you may love a lot of extra flex, or a much stiffer ride. No matter what you choose, the Loaded Tan Tien is a package of explosive fun, which any one is sure to love.